Arkle – Glitch In Time

Electronic beats straight out of Glasgow! Arkle aka DJ/producer Lawrence Crawford mixes various styles from…

Ari Bradshaw – Can’t Help But Fall For You

Ari Bradshaw is a talented musician whose storytelling and songwriting are bound to leave you…

Shinra Knives – Girl Missing

There are countless examples of Music producers who strike into the visual arts field, and…

VINI – The Cage

Ever wondered what music should you play loud in the background, if you opened up…

Aitis Band – Chillblains

A spectrum of darkness traverses the celestial planes, as the inevitable path of the sun is an all-consuming black hole; an abyss of nothingness.

H+ Value is Subjective
H+ – Value is Subjective

Bermuda-based H+ aka Malcolm Brian Swan combines crispy drum n bass sprinkled with futuristic squelch and nibbles away on electronic complexities to create a trans-humanistic fusion of his own

Tim Shiel – Inside My Head (feat. Hemm)

The song is built around contributions from elusive art-pop duo Hemm and also contains samples from Tim Shiel’s ethereal soundtrack for award-winning video game The Gardens Between

Music Discovery: GEMMA

When one thinks of the island of Crete in Greece, raki and Cretan dances come…

Täpp – Aquaria

Featuring musicians from London and Manchester, Täpp are releasing a twelve-track, genre-defying debut album, that…