Past Palms
Past Palms – Meditations II. Monstera

As we approach another spring here in the northern hemisphere, we gardeners are in a…

jonas mačys
Jonas Mačys – Tyrant’s Truth

Jonas Mačys is an electronic producer, songwriter, singer and musician from Denmark. Blending glitchy sounds,…

McDead – Minute Mate

Kev McDead is so creative and bursting with many ideas. A ‘Minute Mate‘ contains three-to-four…

Grant Carey
Grant Carey – SUPERMOON (feat. Aimee deBeer)

Here we’re in a postmodern age of magic & enchantment; rules we once thought universal…

Egopusher – Imitation

The snow is falling here in the North, blanketing the world with its gentle placidity,…

Shinra Knives – Girl Missing

There are countless examples of Music producers who strike into the visual arts field, and…

Aitis Band – Chillblains

A spectrum of darkness traverses the celestial planes, as the inevitable path of the sun is an all-consuming black hole; an abyss of nothingness.

Freedom Shapes – I Αm Α Fly

Freedom Shapes has disguised his identity with a wild conceptuality. In the exploration of a reality or a nightmare, this low-key production track strips back with fierce intensity to flicker into the space of an art line, which invites politely to awaken any curious senses.

The square community - giveitaspin
The Square Community – Dawn Patrol

This song was made from cassette tape loops. Every sound is a loop.