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Jonas Mačys – Tyrant’s Truth

Jonas Mačys – Tyrant’s Truth

jonas mačys

Jonas Mačys is an electronic producer, songwriter, singer and musician from Denmark.

Blending glitchy sounds, distorted synths, and his own raw vocals on his debut song “Tyrant’s Truth”, Jonas tries to depict the death of peace and prosperity, at the hands of Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine.

Listening to the song for the first time literally gave me chills, the lyrics, the energy, the raw approach to the vocals, and the melody transfer pain and agony.
The distorted sounds and repeating drum patterns make the atmosphere heavy, feeling the hopelessness in the air. It takes a lot to transfer this kind of energy through nothing more than airwaves.

Jonas takes this a step further and pledges that all proceeds of the song go to

A noble cause for a song with a strong message. Once again, we see that music can not only shift emotions but has the power to make a small change in a big world.

You can help the cause in the following links:


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