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Jakke – Waves

Jakke – Waves

Jakke - Waves

Jakke, aka Jake Goble is an indie-electronica artist – songwritter based in LA.

With an edgy, sexy sound that you can vibe instantly, Waves comes as the debut single of Jakke, and talks about overcoming fears and breaking out of patterns, to manifest a better world for all.

Having the following reputation from his genesis alt-rock project, Enjune, Jake spent the last 2 years, cultivating a new brand of music under the alias, Jakke.
Releasing ‘Waves’ as the first single was definitely the best choice as the song is an absolute banger, heavy on the low end, with a fresh, modern production, clean and articulate vocals, and lyrics that speak to the soul.

Quoting Jake: “In a world fueled by addiction to technology, contributing to rising depression and societal unrest, ‘Waves’ grants us a spark in the foggy darkness.
The song was written in response to identifying and breaking the unhealthy patterns that we develop in our lives. It is an alt-rock anthem for overcoming our fears and breaking our old patterns to manifest a better world for each of us to grow into. “Stand on top of the waves” and create a brighter future for yourself.”

I think the message is strong and clear, and with an opener like that, the future seems really bright.

Waves being the first track off his forthcoming EP, titled “HOW DO YOU LOVE“, I have to say, Jake got me really excited about the release.

Can’t wait for the upcoming EP?
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