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OSKA – Hallucinating (It’s Normal To Shiver)

OSKA – Hallucinating (It’s Normal To Shiver)

OSKA is a singer-songwriter, originally born in Lower Austria. At the age of 18, she moved to Vienna to study music. Coming from a family of singers and musicians, she
discovered her voice at a young age and has ever since started her musical journey.

From playing music in the streets of Vienna while studying pop and jazz singing, to supporting other artists vocally, OSKA’s music path is filled with experiences and love for music. Gathering all these experiences and working tirelessly, OSKA honed her voice to sing exactly what she wants and created her first debut album, ‘My World, My Love, Paris

Hallucinating (It’s Normal To Shiver), is one piece of the album and it instantly charms you with OSKA’s unique and warm voice. It’s one of these songs you want to listen to on repeat for so long that you lose every thought and just enjoy the magic of the music.
The melodies are soft and feel like they can touch your soul and the live recording of the song makes it feel like you’re there enjoying the show.

I feel that OSKA has really found a way to make her voice sing whatever she wants, and now like a magical being, she can captivate anyone listening.
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