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carm hal. – Alright

carm hal. – Alright

carm hal. is the new solo project from Brisbane songwriter, Callum Halstead. Featuring a mix of electronic and live instruments, Carm experiments in his home studio, creating his own sound with spices from electronic, rock and hip hop music.

Alright, released on May 20, 2022, is Carm’s third musical effort as a project. It comes packed with a groove and ready to shake you. With pop-rock influences and a sound that differs from the rest, delivers a “f*ck you” to whomever it may concern while keeping its dancey attitude. If I had to say it reminds me of something or someone I’d say it’s an Editors meet Arcade Fire situation. The live instruments blend well with the rest of the electronic sounds and there’s a really lush organic sound that makes your speakers shake.

Carm Hal is a project I think we’ll enjoy in the future.
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