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Loose Ties – Superhuman

Loose Ties – Superhuman

Loose Ties‘ latest release “Superhuman” is an energetic and uplifting track that showcases the band’s ability to blend various genres into a cohesive personal sound. From the very start, the driving drum beat from George Tountasakis and groovy bass riff by the hands of Dinos Papadopoulos set the tone for an upbeat and danceable tune that is sure to get listeners moving.

The vocals, delivered by lead singer Despoina Thoma, are powerful and emotive, adding another layer of energy to the already lively instrumentation. The lyrics are a reflection on the human experience, encouraging listeners to embrace their flaws and strive for greatness despite them.

Musically, “Superhuman” is a dynamic composition that effortlessly transitions between different sections and moods. The chorus features a soaring melody with what I’d call “Greek elements” in the vocal section, that is both anthemic and super catchy to sing along, while the bridge introduces a dreamy, atmospheric interlude with great guitar sounds from Petros Printezis and some serious synths played by Pantelis Varvakis that add a touch of introspection to the song.

Overall, “Superhuman” is a testament to Loose Ties‘ musical prowess and their ability to craft really great songs. The band’s willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of the genre makes them an exciting act to watch, and “Superhuman” is a prime example of their creative potential.

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