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Bikelane – Enough Is Enough

Bikelane – Enough Is Enough

Hey guys, guess what!

Bikelane is back with another banger, and they’re coming in hot and serious as the new album is out and ready for all ears to listen to.
Guitars on the crunch channel, tight, groovy drumming, banging basslines and vocals that take you back to where the world felt like a better place.

I don’t know if it is the genre that takes me back to my teen years or the raw energy Bikelane produces in their recordings, but something makes me wanna get up and move, dance and have a great time.

For someone to produce such energy in a produced music track is a great achievement, capturing the essence of what’s going on live, putting it in a digital waveform recorder and sharing it with the world. It may feel like an easy achievement for some,
but by personal experience, let me say it takes a great amount of hard work and needs a serious connection through the band members to make it happen.

That’s what I can say for sure about Bikelane; you can feel all of the hard work and motion going on in their new song, Enough is Enough.

Having already written about some of the bands’ previous songs, I can say I’m a big fan of the Norwegian band and really wish to enjoy them performing their songs live.

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