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Grim Anise – Savage Love

Grim Anise – Savage Love

Grim Anise’s Savage Love is a song about domestic violence and abuse. As Grim share’s with us, the story was in his head for a while before actually taking its final form. First came the lyrics, deep, dark and emotional. Making you almost feel uncomfortable, like you’re witnessing a scene with your own eyes.

“He wasn’t always like that… But now she can’t even tell what’s safer: sustaining or attempting to leave?” It’s becoming more clear with each day passing that domestic violence and woman abuse is not something happening somewhere far away in a different galaxy but next to our own eyes.

Dressing lyrics that deep with music that feels seductive (as most of the stories start) while down inside, you can feel that something menacing is taking part (almost intimidating you) is making the song go a step further and become an emotional experience.

The song feels multidimensional to my ears. A part of it tells the story and sends shivers down my spine, making me picture all things that can go wrong. Whilst this is happening, Grim’s soothing vocals tell a different story, more comforting and soothing, feeling like it’s meant to comfort the victim.

The world we live in is a dark place, and this song feels like a good fit to depict the darkness that has spread over us. But as we’ve seen so many times, from darkness comes light and vice versa. We need to hope for a better world and act accordingly to make it happen.

Having artists like Grim Anise making music about such dark matters is one step forward, and I’m glad I get to write about such a great song.

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