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Loops & Loops – Small Ship, Stormy Sea

Loops & Loops – Small Ship, Stormy Sea

Loops & Loops

A dark horizon upon which an ocean meets the sky, deep in an abyss of nothingness (from whence the starstuff first collected & collided), comes the hauntingly beautiful ‘Small Ship, Stormy Sea‘, via recording artist/ sonic explorer Loops & Loops.

Fresh off their newest LP, ‘Lost Thoughts‘, ‘Small Ship, Stormy Sea’ is a synthian opus of unique tones & waves, classically reminiscent in detail & nuance; each note is a tonal world in & unto itself. The groundswell of modulation hits in monumentous fashion, as the sophisticated subtlety composition emotes that which is otherwise inexpressible. A unique spectrum amidst a growing world of overtly similar, listeners might call upon such past greats as Wendy Carlos or Mort Garso for comparison, but in a post-modern, drone/ ‘noise’-esque fashion.

Loops & Loops is a truly fantastic composer/ audial creator, & ‘Small Ship, Stormy Sea‘ is a piece of elegant, ‘high’ art. We’re long-time fans here at the blog, & with a further, mood respective dive into their deeper catalog we’re certain you will be too:

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