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Past Palms – Meditations II. Monstera

Past Palms – Meditations II. Monstera

Past Palms

As we approach another spring here in the northern hemisphere, we gardeners are in a highly enthusiastic & anticipatory mood, delighted by the prospects of our fruitful labor. This plant-mindset is perfectly encapsulated via ‘Meditation II. Monstera’, the new single from producer Past Palms.

Representative of the catharsis of our everyday existence, the soundscape is both gloriously lush and distinctively minimalistic. A haze of cut pieces, gently falling descending piano melodies, distantly surreal vocals & strings, & vast-spanning arpeggiated harp samples, there is an omnipresence that pulls the listener into another dimension, while keeping their feet planted firmly on the ground.

A realistic expression of our boundlessness, as from the perspective of minimal movement – a plant’s life, if you will – Past Palms communicates these subtleties with finesse & intrigue. Delve further into their newest album, Ambient Music for Watering Plants, as well as their greater audial explorations:

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