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Juliander – Strange

Juliander – Strange

Juliander, the rising Swedish artist, is back with a hauntingly beautiful track ‘Strange‘, the lead single from his much-anticipated sophomore EP ‘Introspection‘. The song is a testament to Juliander’s boundless creativity and introspective journey, as he explores the complexities of love in this stripped-down pop ballad. The result is an intimate and powerful portrayal of a relationship that resonates with the listener.

‘Strange’ showcases Juliander’s emotional depth and vulnerability, beautifully captured in a comforting and stripped-down form. His decision to scale back the production to enhance the song’s emotive power resulted in a composition that vibrates with the echo of a fading relationship – a theme many listeners can relate to. The song beautifully exemplifies the artist’s ability to touch on universal emotions and provide solace through his music.

It is evident that Juliander’s artistic growth, which began in 2020, has led to this pivotal moment. His commitment to creating a unique soundscape, using vintage synths and gear, is a testament to his artistic evolution and introspective exploration. He has successfully transformed his initial thoughts and experiences during the global pandemic into a complete listening experience for his audience.

In ‘Strange’, we see the culmination of Juliander’s journey since 2020: an EP that highlights his versatile songwriting talents and a unique blend of genres. With over 700 million streams and a gold certification for his feature on Alan Walker’s hit ‘All Falls Down’, Juliander has already made his mark on the international music scene. ‘Strange’ further cements his place in the global music landscape, showcasing his captivating vocals, soulful sensibility, and ability to navigate multiple genres. This track, laden with raw emotion and vulnerability, is another milestone in Juliander’s evolution as an artist and is bound to resonate with listeners worldwide.

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