Meet the present and past contributors!

Christoph Kiss

C. Kiss is one half of the Zurich-based Producer-Duo and Liveband "Okvsho" and part of the Label Boyoom Connective. Besides that he Dj's and looks for the best Jazz, Funk, and Hip-Hop records.

Charles Davis

Charlie is an audial adventurer, a cultivator of lands, and a time/space explorer. You can find him as @doghousecharlie or @greatwaveband on Bandcamp!


Give it a spin! is an award-winning independent music and culture website based in Thessaloniki, Greece. We communicate with all corners of the Earth with a global team of contributors and spin the world through the arts! Care to make some noise with us?

Nicole McCray

Before having her kids and shifting her career toward teaching students how to play their first instrument, Nicole was pinching pennies in her 20s while singing at dive bars and coffee shops across the country. She took what she learned from those formative years on the road and now spends her days contributing to music blogs, penning new songs, and learning new production skills. She finds great joy in sharing her insight with other musicians trying to make it in the industry.


Hi mates! I am the founder, curator, and editor-in-chief of ever since 2008, blogging daily! From freestyle Dj to Radio Producer in my free time, I love spinning music from all over the world.


Sandra is a 25-year-old singer and songwriter from Spain. She started on rock bands and kicked off her solo career in 2020 with a more indie-pop sound. She also works in the advertising field. You can find her on Instagram as @sandra__iris.

Stefan Vereen

Stefan Vereen, born 1995, is an experimental pianist and composer. Growing up in Atlanta, Ga, his earliest musical memories are of Mozart and opera from his father and rock n’ roll from his mother. He feels at home in the kitchen and in nature. In writing about music, he intends to discover, defend, and define the corners of musical culture, and its role in our revolutionary spirit and collective humanity.