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Niki Sorogas

Hi mates! Ever since 2008, I blog almost daily or curate music for a purpose as founder/editor-in-chief in this space! I'm an avid music collector, and love supporting humans "in" the arts!

(Logo) Designer

Dimitris Kanellopoulos

Dad, design director, shooting at small details of life.

Contributing Editors (Alphabetical Order)

Themis Gkiosasi

Music curator and enthusiast, focusing on underground and established artists in the genres of rap, r&b, electronic and more!

Nicole McCray

Nicole spends her days contributing to music blogs, penning new songs, and learning new production skills. She finds great joy in sharing her insight with other musicians trying to make it in the industry.

Tasos Papanagiotou

A seasoned creative copywriter in Advertising, completely gaga over all things music.

Alyssa Stephens

A student studying in Rome, loving the human experience.

Nicolas Tzivakis

Musician, multimedia geek, team player, father of cats.

Past contributors

Charles Davis

Charlie is an audial adventurer, a cultivator of lands, and a time/space explorer. You can find him as @doghousecharlie or @greatwaveband on Bandcamp!

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