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Viktor Hertz is printing more than 70 signed & limited posters with minimalistic song illustrations in square vinyl album standard size for you! Are you thinking of sending a Xmas present to a music lover?


We just stumbled upon Viktor Hertz a talented graphic designer from Sweden, with a passion for illustrating songs with pictograms.
“What the hell is a pictogram?” He tells us: “These are those universal signs you can see at airports, for example. In 2011, I started making posters for songs, depicting them with these kinds of symbols, as a hobby and a creative challenge. Six years later, I still work on this concept With Every Heartbeat and Eight Days a Week. I have a Hungry Heart for pictograms, basically. I just love making these, and now I’d love to share them with you.”
This year, Victor has made more than 50 completely new posters and updated 25 older ones. Taking care of the visual metaphors, details, and colors we feel his creative spirit and want you to show some love on his Kickstarter project.
What’s even more fantastic is that you can listen to the Pictogram playlist on Spotify! 







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