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HAEZL – Ragnarök

HAEZL – Ragnarök


HAEZL is a professional vocalist currently performing in Washington D.C. writing and composing music in her studio in Maryland.

Being the lead singer for the metal band STRYFE from 2014 to 2016, you can hear some HAEZL rock elements coming to the surface even in a trip-hop song like Ragnarök.
With a unique and interesting timbre, HAEZL has captivated my ears from the first moments of listening.

Ragnarök is a Trip Hop(ish) track with a bit of experimental mood in the vocals and a great melody coming from HAEZL and her awesome performance. The production is modern and makes you vibe instantly, packing a great mix of backing vocals supporting HAEZL’s main melody.

Besides all that HAEZL is more than just a music artist as she’s also been seen co-starring on various TV programs such as “Brides Gone Styled,” “Bye Felicia,” and a list that goes on for a long time.

A multitalented individual with a keen sense of melody and aesthetics that can make everyone turn their heads and listen.

To find out more about HAEZL, follow the links below:


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