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SODAPOP- Kevin’s Famous Chili

SODAPOP- Kevin’s Famous Chili


Almost all Scrantonians share an affinity for The Office, and, speaking as one, it is with tremendous enthusiasm that I introduce to you ‘Kevin’s Famous Chili‘, the breezy summer indie-pop gem from Santa Barbara, California’s SODAPOP.

Featuring an emotive bedroom-esque aesthetic & mellifluously resonant vocals, there is an approachably dynamic humanism here that’s an absolute breath of fresh air. Electric guitar textures decorate the soundscape with a subtle-but-defined tonality, while an ambiguously-real-sounding drum machine carries the cantabile, upbeat structure along its greater path. Every piece of the nuanced minimalism is designed to compliment the splendor of its lead melody; a truly fantastic display of composing. The end result is a pop-minded gem that has a cautious sanguinity & easy repeatability.

‘This song is an homage to the scene from The Office where Kevin spills his Kevin’s Famous Chili and desperately tries to scoop it back into the pot with loose papers. It’s simultaneously hilarious and depressing, which is how I feel about my life a good portion of the time.’ … always interesting, to catch a glimpse into the artist’s mind.

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