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7 Eclectic (November/December 2021)

7 Eclectic (November/December 2021)

7 eclectic november december

7 eclectic is our new playlist addition this year on Spotify. Updated bi-monthly by our Editor-in-chief, Niki!

Tracks to listen to – even every day or hour of the week.

Aoris visited me on a Sunday via our Instagram profile. Taking a glimpse at his naturalistic photos on my phone while I was out of the house, I longed to get back inside and press play to his escapades. I picked out the latest track Néfos (Cloud) to share with you today, as I can hear the sky racing – imagine a gentle though powerful horse running in the sky sand – in beautiful momentum, bringing peace to our eyes and hearts. Perhaps we are both Erased Tapes fans? Classical X sure discovered a talent here too. Don’t forget to watch Aoris’Home Session” where you can feel the piano keys breathing out the memories.

Staring at the patterns of clouds and the way they transform and blend into each other, is a way of cooling my mind. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid pretty much and still do it today, almost everyday. Whenever I get the chance to peek through a window, no matter how small or tiny, I’m always looking for the clouds. The way they move, their size and colours they take as the sun bursts through them makes the sky canvas such an incredible sight. After those last couple of weird years, maybe having your head in the clouds once in a while isn’t such a bad thing after all. It’s quite a necessity for me.

Aoris – Néfos


Brother Where Art Thou? is a deeply mournful song about the passing of Josh’s dog Toby who was like a brother to him. The Occupation (Josh and Claudia) are based in the Barossa Valley, in Australia, usually play ‘alternative rock’ in and out of the studio, and are influenced by Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens, and Nick Cave (music we also love!). As this melancholic path brought us together through beautiful textures and hushed vocals, I’m sure we will listen to more outstanding intimate tunes from the duo in the near future. Josh, you are for sure another giveitaspin blood brother on the blog! All the best on Triple J Unearthed with this release.

The song deals with death and how those who are still alive will inevitably see or hear the deceased. In addition, the song asks the question of, can the deceased see or hear us, and can we bridge the gap?



Notes drip delicately, forming a clear melody that feels old and new at the same time. A miniature pizzicato orchestra consisting of just a 12-string Guitar and a Bass Guitar. The first piece of music ever to be released from the collaboration between Swedish multi-instrumentalist Gustaf Ljunggren and Icelandic music guru Skúli Sverrisson. Weaving together the strong melodies of the nordic music traditions, the intimacy of chamber music, and the openmindedness of jazz, this is the first single from the upcoming album ”Floreana”, due for release in May 2022.

At times I can hear delicate “bouzouki ακόρντα” turning in the corners of the melody at times. It’s so amazing to be connecting through the music strings as cultures. Such a fantastic way to create music here, everything stripped down to the ear and mother earth’s elements. Be sure to follow this amazing project, as it comes to life!


Wishful Thinking is a floating atmospheric ambient-electronica track, treating its listeners with a delicate piano lead. Enjoy this as an endless spiral in between a beautiful music zone and a chilled-out space to recharge your humane batteries.

Gelka is continuing the new journey of the last years, leaving behind the sound of the late duo formation. Now redefined as a solo project, the tone became more like an inner manifest with more profound stories about solitude and ultimate freedom through genres. The third installment from the five tracks long Little Pieces EP is now available to lend an ear.


Sister Jump! is the second single released in the new chapter of the “… and mama was a belly dancer” saga. It sure spells out for eclectic Mediterranean jazz with polish guest vibraphonist Mateusz Nawrot. Other members are Bob Salmieri on tenor sax, Giancarlo Romani on trumpet, Maurizio Perrone on double bass, and Massimiliano De Lucia on drums. Time remains a fundamental component in Jazz. All rhythmic signatures here accelerate a finely spun statement. The concept flourishes with expressionism as an inviting inspiration!


SUMO y Los Hermanos del Alma’s single ‘Oya‘ is an original and powerful blend of
Afro-Cuban percussions meeting afro-funk influences, carried by a traditional and
spiritual Yoruba song. This is an invitation to a hypnotic and mystical journey. A tranced groove along with Cuban religious rhythms. It embraces heritage, producing a bright amalgam of diasporic ingredients. Feel the polyrhythmic beat weave into your soul.


Juntando Amores is the result of a powerful collaboration between Olivero, and 2021 Latin-Grammy-Winner Alain Perez! The beautiful energetic intro captures your attention before kicking into an uplifting modern salsa rhythm, which will make you definitely dance! This smooth pairing reveals a high style with heavily affected guitar strings and fine vocals. Quite unlike anything else, it has shed light on a cold day in Thessaloniki, Greece (the home office as I say). The cultural and music contexts are all about our connections, and to this, I felt most connected from the very first play! Awesome track!



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