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A few words from the founder/editor-in-chief Niki 

Hello everyone!

I started this music blog back in 2008 with some daily posts to express my passion and love for music and the arts, and it evolved with the years (after 2016) into a genre full concept. Give it a spin! has been involved in various projects (radio shows, media partnerships, communication sponsorships, Dj sets, etc.) so I am ambitious for the future to come and in whatever forms of collaborations.

It will remain quality of content over quantity. I strongly support independent artists/labels on social media and through this portal and make a good fuss about equity in the music business.

So why should you read this blog? or support us as a fan? This is a 100% personal effort (in time and expenses) driven by a lifelong passion for all things that shape culture and creativity. Editors and contributors are also involved/invited to write and present their likings. If you are likeminded feel free to join the team and contact me.

In my free time, I remain a passionate music writer and manage all our social media accounts. In the past I have been a radio producer, and freestyle selector since the post-00s. Feel free to connect with me via Linkedin and read about my professional escapades when I’m not spinning around.

Keep strong and smiling.

Love to all.


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Stefan Vereen, born in 1995, is an experimental pianist and composer. Growing up in Atlanta (USA), his earliest musical memories are of Mozart and opera from his father and rock n’ roll from his mother. He feels at home in the kitchen and in nature. In writing about music, he intends to discover, defend, and define the corners of musical culture, and its role in our revolutionary spirit and collective humanity.

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Charles Davis (USA) is an audial adventurer, a cultivator of lands, and a time/space explorer.

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Sandra is a 25-year-old singer and songwriter from Spain. She started on rock bands and ended up starting her solo career in 2020 with a more indie-pop sound. She also works in the advertising field. You can find her on Instagram here.


giveitaspin / The Radio Show

The show has been hosted on FM and internet radio stations since 2010. Listen to a special tribute below.