Shares is an award-winning music & culture hub based in Greece that comes with a global accent. It’s also a monthly radio show.

A few words from the creator Niki Sorogas

Hi mates! I am a born in Sydney, living in Greece kind of girl.  I started this music blog back in 2008 with some daily posts to express my passion for music and arts, and it evolved with the years into a genre full concept. It had a “template lifting” at around 2016 when I took it to the next level site-wise and in terms of social media interaction.

My main idea is that #giveitaspin will constantly support the local and global scene of humane creativity in any way possible. Friendly contributors are also involved/invited to write and present their ideas or opinions. It remains a one-person journey on the blog most of the time which is a lot of hard work I suppose. Making a digital record label to support incoming promo is the next step and a dream I want to pursuit. If you know your way around the biz and would like to help send me a message 🙂

I’m a passionate music writer, radio producer, and freestyle Dj since the post-00s, feeling my way around music and loving the cultural escapades. Apart from living the “High-Fidelity” dream working in a record store as I got my uni degree, you could always find me attending festivals or scouting for new music on my radio show. Feel free to connect with me via Linkedin and read about my professional profile (Engineer/Ph.D. researcher) when I’m not blogging or working in the mass media world. I’m always open to new opportunities.

Keep spinning.

Love. xoxo

#giveitaspin is a motto to share (music love). The logo design was made by John Trifonopoulos aka Greek electronic artist Esoteric Sob.

In the past 3 years, giveitaspin has streamed more than 50.000 promo submissions!

giveitaspin / The Radio Show

It’s the name of Niki’s radio show for the past years, currently airing monthly on Paranoise Radio. The show has been hosted on FM and internet radio stations since 2010. Check out more in the Podcasts tab on the main website menu or listen to a special tribute below. Each show goes live on Mixcloud (or is supposed to!).

Use the hashtag #giveitaspin and share the daily vibes. “give it a spin” means to try out new things! Be adventurous!

Why giveitaspin?


Giveitaspin loves true music relationships with independent artists and small labels, supporting all kinds of events/festivals and having fresh music on the radio show constantly. You’ll find some articles in Greek under the GR edition, other than that it’s all in English blabber to connect with people from all over the world.


Some fun stats (updated monthly)

-The blog has more than 1,375 Unique Visitors per day and rising.
-During the last 24hrs, there were 13,024 Web Traffic Requests coming only from Greece.
– Our beloved Cloudflare support is stopping the bad guys: 618 malicious requests blocked or challenged in the last month.

What does Niki do?
Niki handles day to day tasks, scouting the best music and culture news possible for a genre full (and free) life, creating website content, connecting with labels and friendly PR managers, but most of all keeping a personal relationship with independent artists – creatives that must have their own voice in the web “space”.

Some fast stats about the blog:
– It’s a one-woman blog roll since 2008 constantly growing in soul & heart and friendly contributors pass by from time to time. Our latest guest writers were from Boyoom Connective fam.
– It’s also Niki’s”giveitaspin” radio show concept on various FM/Internet Radios since 2010.
– The blog has accepted over 7 awards for quality content in music, media and culture affairs.
– giveitaspin has provided official communication sponsorships for festivals/cultural events in Greece and abroad.
– There are more than 10.000 original followers on our social media.
– Niki has accepted/streamed promo’s from more than 50.000 artists in the past three years.