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Stevie Howie – stalker

Stevie Howie – stalker

Stevie Howie _

Stevie Howie is born in Nashville, currently residing in the city of angels (LA). Started his music journey at the very early age of 5, where he took his first steps in learning piano and did’t take more than a year before Stevie started writing his own music. At the age of 6. Imagine that!

Despite his classical music background, as he grew up, Stevie became more and more influenced from rock, R&B, blues and pop artists such as Fleetwood Mac, John Mayer and Paramore. Eventually after a huge response to a “Smells like teen spirit” cover that he received on his socials, (more that 1 million views and 25.000 followers on TikTok) he decided to lean more into his own intuition as an artist and released his first single “shakes” on December 3, 2021.

Fast forward to March 2, 2022, Stevie is back with another banger called “stalker
His unique voice combined with some really dark aesthetics, distorted guitars and a kind of “Depeche Mode” feel to the track, won me over as soon as I started listening.

A really interesting thing that makes me like Stevie’s music even more, is that there’s no direct connection to his past influences, nor his classical background. “stalker” is an original piece of music that feels mature and solid to my ears.

“I wrote stalker because I kept fixating on the most tactile version of missing someone. Obviously, missing someone is always a painful experience, but there’s a deeper level of despair that occurs when you can’t stop thinking about what they are literally doing right now. When not tempered by logic, that kind of thinking spirals into obsession, and of course, stalking.”

If you want to find out more about Stevie Howie and listen to his music, check the links bellow:

Spotify: Stevie Howie
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Stevie Howie on TikTok

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