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Apollo Lovely – Halfway

Apollo Lovely – Halfway

Apollo Lovely

Apollo Lovely, aka Kim Ho, is a Vietnamese-Irish-American born in Montreal – Canada. Talk about a mix of cultures.

Kim’s musical history feels like a drama show about how harsh the music industry can sometimes get. Back in 2012, Kim was touring all over the world, fronting in his alt-dance pop band named “Creature“. Signed and backed by one of the biggest labels in the world, they gigged all over Europe, Asia, North, and Central America, had a top 10 hit in Mexico,
a Juno nomination for Best Pop Album of the year which they lost to Alanis Morissette and were set up to release their next album with a big-time American producer.

And now comes the drama.
The label decided not to release the record, stating that “it was not the right time”. For Kim, that was a low blow. After that, he quit music for a while, traveled the world, and made a family. The funny thing is, when you love something, you can’t just flick a switch and quit it without no looking back. So getting back on his feet (musically) Kim began a new project called Apollo Lovely.

Combining old-school R&B and Soul with Creature’s pop aesthetics, Apollo Lovely feels like the cool older brother. More laid back, smoother, and with much more confidence.

Halfway”, released on Feb 23, 2022, is a song full of swagger, sexy soul vibes, and Kim’s vocals filling the atmosphere with old-school R&B tones. I really love the whole production, every sound is well-curated, the voice leads the whole track and the brass is minimal and mixed beautifully in the track.

Kim Ho’s story and music both deserve attention, so if you found yourself curious, you can check more about Apollo Lovely at the following links:


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