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BALTHVS – Turkish Coffee

BALTHVS – Turkish Coffee

I synced with “Turkish Coffee” on a lazy Sunday morning. It’s something like a ritual to me, waking up and listening to new music. So, I pushed the play button and was instantly transported to a little cafe in Istanbul. The rhythm, lead instrument, and general vibe of the song really relaxed me.

I would like to hear this song while I’m chilling, drinking my coffee, or have it playing in the background while I’m having a really deep and nice conversation with others. Moreover, I liked the production as well, simple, minimal, instruments placed where they should be and reverbs making the whole music journey really warm.

Great job BALTHVS, I would definitely have this song placed in my chill eastern playlists.

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BALTHVS is Johanna Mercuriana (Bass), Balthazar Aguirre (Guitar) and Santiago Lizcano (Drums). MACROCOSM is BALTHVS‘ first LP. The name implies the diverse nature of the music, the substantial genre-blending throughout the record, and the general psychedelic vibe of the songs. It’s a cross-continental trip across time, styles, languages, and rhythms.

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