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Roos Meijer-Brother

Roos Meijer-Brother

Roos Meijer is an alt-folk artist known for her heartfelt and authentic approach to music. Her song “Brother” showcases her ability to draw inspiration from various genres, including folk, classical, indie-rock, and Arabic music. With an understated but profound sense of detail in song and arrangement, Roos navigates emotional, fine lines seldom expressed in popular music.

“Brother” is a track from Roos’ debut LP ‘Why Don’t We Give It A Try?’ released in November 2021. Conversations inspired the album with eight societal changemakers, including climate-related causes, anti-racism, feminism, human rights, orphans, LGBTQ+ youth, and homelessness. “Brother” is a standout track from the album that showcases Roos’ unique empathy and societal duty through her artistic voice.

Roos’ music has been well-received by critics and audiences alike, and her collaboration with the prestigious Residentie Orkest in Den Haag for a concert in June 2023 is highly anticipated. Her debut EP, ‘Maktub‘, released in 2018, is inspired by the people she met while working in refugee camps in Greece. It combines Eastern and Western pop music to provide insight into the experiences of refugees. All profits from the project are donated to Sounds of Change, a Dutch organization that leads music lessons in refugee camps.

Overall, Roos Meijer is an artist who delivers inspiring music to every corner of the world, and I feel lucky to listen to her music.

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