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Give it a spin for #7eclectic – January 2022

Give it a spin for #7eclectic – January 2022

7 Eclectic is our most promising playlist packed with fresh music for you to discover. Handpicked monthly by our Editor-in-chief, Niki!

Tracks to listen to – for every day or hour of the week.

A warm blanket of sounds to create dense attention

divine&acajou releases her debut single “Viens“, the first song from a very sensual and visceral project. She alternates between slam and chamber pop, using her deep but crystal-clear voice. The track dives into the subjects of desire, waiting, frustration but hope. It is a calling, almost a summoning. This song also states the importance of being true to oneself.

A thrilling Afro-beat exploration

The story of OGA started in 2017 at the New Afrika Shrine in Lagos, when Quentin and Leo met during their first show together on the mythic Nigerian stage. Coming back to Paris, the objective was clear: spread the burning fever of afro grooves to all clubs of the capital. Makoko is the second single from Ikeja, OGA’s first EP.

A cover-a duet-a life full of feelings

Flynn was born one summer evening, from a moment between a father and his daughter: he on guitar and she on vocals. Since she was little, he filled her life with music and she filled his music with words. A little girl’s dream, hours in the studio, laughter and tears later, welcome to the world of Flynn.

A wonderful voice to take away your pain

“Let Go’ is the latest track from Alannah Chapman – pre-released on RTRFM x NoiseHive: Hot Takes compilation. The song has allowed Alannah to express her feelings after a heartbreak and to learn how to… Let Go.

Ευχαριστούμε mates! Cool project!

Efcharisto: A dirty driving psychedelic guitar anchors this energetic and funked-out joint that will spare no neck joints this side of the Acropolis. Rhino provides the sonic playground, and FP and Green leave flame-scorched earth in their wake. Badass sure shot banger.

In this round of Origin & Juice, ASM takes on an excursion to Greece. The track at the centre of the episode is the psyched-out reinterpretation of Greek Folk classic “Karagouna” by Mimis Plessas & Orbiters, as reinterpreted by ASM into the gritty funk jam “Efcharisto”. In the bottles and glasses is the sensational juice of Ktima Ligas using indigenous Greek grape varietals and low-intervention winemaking principles. ASM accompanies the sounds and juice with classic grilled souvlaki, bright greek salad, and freshly baked fluffy pitas. The primal force of the flame lays the guiding thread.

A beat for your swirling heart

Many of us have lived through a relationship with that one toxic person that we will never stop loving or thinking about no matter who we ultimately end up with. “Tested” is about that toxicity. We get hurt but we often stay. We stay but imagine being far away. We look up to the stars and wonder if there is someone out there that is better for us.

When asked about her inspiration for this track, Elaine said “I wrote this song after seeing my friend very upset after getting into an argument with her boyfriend. The odd thing was that he was being very insulting and disrespectful towards her. It made me wonder why anyone would stay in a relationship like that. But I also realized that there is nothing rational about love. We will often do the exact opposite of what we would advise others to do”.

Explode your mind, in the jazz-hop of things

Melbourne-based jazz-rap group Flimsey Lohan have just returned with their suave new single ‘Freeway Hitter’ – produced, mixed and mastered at Good Mood Studios. ‘Freeway Hitter’ begins with deft hi-hats and soft snare hits that combine with an ethereal layer of electric piano to set the track’s debonair groove. Effortlessly flowing vocals and fanciful bass create a colourful texture heading into the chorus, offering a tasteful splash of the group’s distinct aptitudes as the contrapuntal bridge leads towards a cathartic finale.


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