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7 Eclectic (March/April 2021)

7 Eclectic (March/April 2021)

7 eclectic is our new playlist addition this year on Spotify. Updated bi-monthly by our Editor-in-chief, Niki!

Tracks to listen to – even every day or hour of the week.

Igama · Igama – Expand

Igama is the solo project of guitarist and producer Adonis Jordan. Ableton live, guitars, and auxiliary percussion are his super tools to create bouncy soundscapes in electronic forms. Please also learn some handy tips on Jordan’s blog here if you are a music creator. Into the tropical forest we go, breezy icy synths and warm Afro-Latin beats tingle our insides.


CASUAL · Celebrate

MajesticCasual approved, the Amsterdam duo CASUAL is having fun with us on the terrace. Expect modern, laid-back vibes in a disco/beat-hop, showing you how to have a good time. One of the most beautiful tracks we’ve heard at the beginning of 2021 really cheers us up. And that is the power of music. Dance away and be optimistic.

The adorable Hateful Banbini from Barcelona is one maestro of a kind, a speck of gold on our streams. Creating wizardry psychedelic beats wrapped around 70s Spaghetti Western flavors, there is the reason to run after his tunes. Some samples include great Italian composers like Piero Piccioni, Riz Ortolani and Morricone himself. For the videography, search The Great Silence by Sergio Corbucci (1968).

We love putting our hands up in the air and enjoying the fresh BPM from time to time. Or all the time! This Special Thing was written with few ingredients in mind delivering through a packed flavor of life, sights, and sounds. How can you not feel the danceable power over-taking your beautiful soul? If music is healing, then this is your recipe for the month. Blast on the speakers and get sand in your fancy pants! Out to Gilligan Moss island, we go!

Boys Noize & Kelsey Lu’s “Ride Or Die” featuring Chilly Gonzales reflects upon the tumultuous emotional tenor of our uncertain future before exploding into delirious, peak-time techno. The “RIDE OR DIE” video was loosely inspired by The Trolley Problem Experiment, modeled and animated in 3D and hand-painted over each frame, resulting in a serene and phantasmagoric world, a vast and unknowable dreamscape in which all potential selves coexist. This track is out of our world. We will be thinking about it for days to come in amazing awe. And don’t forget any path you take – you have the power of your own reality.

People Museum was formed in New Orleans (2016) and are an alternative pop group that makes up of Jeremy Phipps (producer/trombonist) and Claire Givens (singer). The name was created while watching grammy nominees walk to dressing rooms through a large glass window along with a crowd. “It’s like a people museum.” What an exceptional force of two people feeding the world with extravagant-creamy pop creativity and lustful indie-electro vibes. For sure, our eyes were on the video at all times too.

We are all in the highs and lows; however, it is time to box everything out with some upper-cuts for life. When the long hard days give you tunes like this, all you have to do is crank up the volume and feel the truthful Rx rhymes. We know we ain’t shit.  We know this track is a killer. In terms of videography, production, and tune-wise, we love the flow. If you know a person out there striving in F covid times trying to keep it sane, send this out like now for a listen.



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