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7 Eclectic (May/June 2021)

7 Eclectic (May/June 2021)

7 eclectic is our new playlist addition this year on Spotify. Updated bi-monthly by our Editor-in-chief, Niki!

Tracks to listen to – even every day or hour of the week.

It’s great to get the imagination pumping. Kairiko thought it would be very interesting to blend an 808 with classical instruments, and I agree! The second half of the track has a strangle calming and meditative quality. Reminds me of some Tru-Thoughts chills in the backyard. I wonder what other stories there are to tell. See for yourself on Instagram.

French-Canadian producer and live act Christophe Dubé, aka CRi, is a dance music star in the making. As I discovered the solace of long runs during the pandemic months, I find this track to be a burner in me and a regular on my headphones. Taking me back to all summer thoughts full of light and promises to keep. You can never go wrong with Anjunadeep too. Find more here. Bummer, I didn’t get my hands on the Cap >> however the Juvenile LP is awaiting in bright colors!

derek muro is a creator of music that embraces concepts of emotion, memory, and perception in his work. Beginning his career from an art space in Bushwick while working weekend shifts as a church organist on Long Island, he is now an award-winning composer for film and game as a partner at the YouTooCanWoo studio in Brooklyn, having a diverse career that has wound through the studios of Hans Zimmer, with performances at BAM and the Yale Institute for Music Theatre. Rove is apart of his debut album on toucan sounds, ‘cues‘ available on cassette and digital download here. See more. Deeply meditative this form of music art calms me from moments to moments.

Jessica Roch is a multimedia composer, multi-instrumentalist, and improviser. She mixes wide and varied soundscapes with the grittiness of close-up tones and loves to explore the intricacies of an instrument. Falling somewhere between neo-classical, avant-pop and minimalism, Dictate/Meditate has a truly unique, ethereal sound. It uses traditionally classical instruments – vocalise singing, organ and violin but warps them to create an untraditional sound. A swirl of feelings on sound and audio purity, see more here.

Starita is a 2 time GRAMMY®/Latin Grammy recognized producer, engineer and artist whose work spans a multitude of genres. He recently began releasing his own project in collaboration with artists Jarobi White of ATCQ, Trevor Hall, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, Trent Park, Madame Gandhi, and, Mamel of Los Amigos Invisibles. As a strong trumpet fan I bloomed to this elegant marriage of soundscapes, and cannot wait for the skittering full releases this year. It sounds heavenly amazing!

Our music friend Aonian has revealed the second chapter of his upcoming debut album, with the release of his single “Hideout“, a poignant and lush fusion of downtempo electronica and organic mellow soundscapes. Carefully layered, the sound is expansive and deep hitting the soul in all soft spots- eagering to open up with joy and happiness. My brain never stops humming to the heart of Alkis‘ music, it is always a gravity of experiences. Follow him on Instagram to get the latest music news.

“Spend A Lifetime” is the new single from Swedish multi-instrumentalist and producer sir Was. A distinctive falsetto vocal, apreggiated pianos and a trademark production blend of hip-hop, soul, electronica, and pop imparts a sense of lingering motion to an exciting new direction. sir Was has earned acclaim with his previous album Holding on to a Dream – the follow-up to the EP, Letters – scoring support at BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Hypebeast, KCRW, Clash, Complex, Notion and more. It’s out now fresh on Memphis Industries and you can stream it everywhere here. Just remember you heard it first on!


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