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Periklis Biskinis x Xenia Gargali – Νιώθω Τη Μουσική (Feel the Music)

Periklis Biskinis x Xenia Gargali – Νιώθω Τη Μουσική (Feel the Music)


Today we have a special laidback track from Greece to feature. It is based on the “Feel the Music” vibes, and it’s the last track featured on the Plastelini band album, which you can buy/support on Bandcamp. Plastelini comprises 2-8 group members (Periklis and Xenia, for starters), and the whole album is just colorful, zesty, and fantastic. Turning around music moments into memorable flings.

Νιώθω Τη Μουσική is my Sunday sanctuary. The eclectic pop energy craves for jazzy and soulful vibes, the brass is stellar, the vocals are honeylike soothing, and in the end, I find myself (clear of mind) on a summerish love-boat floating lightly in the Mediterranean sea. Perhaps we could throw in some reggae undercover in the tempo and the sway. It doesn’t matter what I believe of the track or the album. You have to press play and feel for yourself! When live music safely returns, these guys will smash it—peace and love on a (nearly) rainy day from SKG.

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