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Loops & Loops – Reflections On Where The Grass Don’t Grow

Loops & Loops – Reflections On Where The Grass Don’t Grow

The cold wind cuts through our layers of protection – there is only the desolation; only us & the abyss, as the sunshine & greenery dissipate into nothingness. Reminiscent of our Northern Hemisphere currently approaching its enveloping winter comes ‘Reflections On Where The Grass Don’t Grow‘, the newest single from Loops & Loops.A favorite here at Give It A Spin!, Loops & Loops always offers a glimpse into the intangible – that which words fail to express. With a deep blue pivot awash in layers of post-modern radiation, there is a distinctly caliginous melody that both captivates & haunts. Voicings & harmonies interplay, creating subtle undertones that transfix & transport – masterful in its compositional attributes. Sonically traveling distant galaxies at the speed of thought, meditation meets its black hole, as star-stuff is consumed by its own clarity – but here we are again, back on earth, watching the leaves change. Ruminating & illuminating, Loops & Loops deals in the enigmatic – delve deeper into the greater catalog here:

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