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Loops & Loops – Dissolution Of Memory

Loops & Loops – Dissolution Of Memory

Loops & Loops -

The phenomenon of memories, & their cousins, dreams, remains one of humanity’s most cryptic territories. All of our lives are ultimately spent in the multiverse of our own imagination, to varying degrees, with little understanding of the events unfolding beneath the surface. On ‘Dissolution Of Memory’, the new single from Bronx NY artist Loops & Loops, we endeavor on an audial exploration of consciousness with subtlety, fluidity, & sophistication.

Employing an eloquent, bell-like synthesizer, the composition displays mystery & intrigue via an eerie melodiousness. Amidst a minimalistic, science-fiction-esque arpeggio, symphonious soundscapes create an enigmatic aural texture that radiates ephemeric decay. What lies beneath the surface may be relative to our own perceptions, or, perhaps, nothing more than a creation of our own consciousness, inevitably succumbing to the ether.

Dissolution Of Memory‘ is a masterful work of terrific texture & harmonious uniformity. Sure to expand your ambient horizons, delve deeper into the expansive world of Loops & Loops:


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