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Deer – P4A

Deer – P4A

Deer -

Deer is an electronic trio from Greece.

Their music is the kind that takes your mind on a trip. Great aesthetics, beautiful compositions, and sounds really well blended together to create a Downtempo ethereal mood.

P4A is the second track of Deer’s album “Ambit“, released on February 11, 2022 (Fortune Cut Records). The song’s build-up is out of this world, the intro is minimal and dark and as the song progresses, more and more elements are added, blending and vibing in the same deep and dark atmosphere. It’s a song (and an album) that you can listen to in any kind of situation, from studying to taking that peaceful night drive to relax.

Really hope to hear more from Deer. To listen to their music and learn more, click the links below:


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