How Can You Help Ukraine?

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A message from the Editor-in-Chief, Niki:

The Invasion of Ukraine is absolutely terrifying. These daily events are not in the name of all Russians. My heart reaches to all that condemn this atrocity and speak out. The ability to be empathetic, compassionate, and connect with others (even more in distressful times) is critical to our everyday lives, both personally and professionally. So I am moving forward with this posting rather emotionally.

My online culture hub & global team of stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. For sure there is still war, racism, irony, hypocrisy, and oppression in this world, we are not closing our eyes to any events. However, we must do our greatest every day – from now on even 1001% more – to change society and move forward globally with democracy, freedom, unity, and positivity! Peace on Earth! “We come 1” as Faithless plays.

If you are seeking info on how to provide support at this time I’ve gathered some helpful resources (documents, podcasts, links) from Music Export Ukraine, @Music Export Latvia, COMPASS MUSIC | LIGHTHOUSE, EUROPAVOX, Music Ally, Keychange, Sergey from Trip Hop Nation, Create Digital Music

to raise awareness with my (music) connections. I thank them for all the media updates.

I am willing to coordinate-compose a solidarity Bandcamp compilation (if an artist/label is interested in this project in Greece or abroad let me know – send us a message) to raise cultural awareness, & will create a Spotify playlist with my team to support the Music Industry / Labels of Ukraine by the end of the week.

Make Music Not War
Play Music Not War

*This post-list will be updated daily

All money will go towards supporting the hospitals in Ukraine (for more details please follow the link below).

Music Export Ukraine created a collection of resources and information on how the music industry can help the people of Ukraine fight back and defend their freedom.

How can YOU help?

Donate funds:
?? National Bank of Ukraine – link
?? Come Back Alive Charity – link
?? Monobank – link (accept payments from the card of any bank in the world)
?? Phoenix Wings – link (non-lethal equipment for Ukrainian Army)

Support the people:
? World Central Kitchen – link
? UNICEF USA – link
? Red Cross – link
? SOS Ukraina – link  

You can read and find more funds here: 

Help with accommodation abroad  – link 1, link 2.

Send humanitarian help. You can send things to Nova Poshta Global international warehouses, and they will send them to those who are in need in Ukraine! The warehouses are located in the USA, Poland, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey. Details – link

Spread on your social media latest news/photos and videos from Ukraine/links to trusted funds / link to this file. Your voice matters.

Attend street protests in your city to support Ukraine and condemn Russian aggression. Lookup for  protests in your area 

Send emails to your political representatives, you can find drafts in different languages and some contacts via this link.

DDoS attack on websites of the Russian government and Russian sources of fake news.  

Verified Sources and Trusted Media to READ and SHARE:

? News with latest updates:

✅ Official Sources:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: twitter, facebook

Share this document:

Read more on IQ MAG:

In the light of the current events in Ukraine, music journalists and the wider music communities of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia have created this playlist to show their support to Ukrainian people and musicians. Feel free to spread the word about the colourful music coming from Ukraine!

Compass Music | Lighthouse has created a list of Ukrainian music organizations, record labels, and acts to support.


A message from Europavox:

Links from

i) UNICEF – donate now to protect children in Ukraine:
ii) UNHCR:
iii) Global Citizen – 9 meaningful ways you can help Ukraine:
iv) Trippin World – How to support marginalized people in Ukraine:

i) Trans Europe Halles resource list and suggested actions:
ii) Message from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation:
iii) Artists at Risk – Emergency resources for artists and cultural workers:

Support/Buy: House of Mythology Compilation

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