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Mitchel Dae – Blue Banana Peel

Mitchel Dae – Blue Banana Peel

Mitchel Dae -

Mitchel Dae is an alternative artist based in Nashville TN.

Packed with heavy guitars, Mitchel’s unique timbre, has a kind of 90s feel, and his songs are instant headbangers.

Blue Banana Peel is an alternative rock track with chugging electric guitars, a strong drumbeat, and great production.
I really enjoyed that while the song transitions from verse to chorus, bridge, and so on, (easy to distinguish), the melodies blend in so nicely that it feels like an unstoppable river of music.

Loved Mitchel’s voice and songwriting and can’t wait to hear more of his music.

You can find out more about Mitchel Dae at the following links:


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