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As Clouds Form – Hollow

As Clouds Form – Hollow

In winter, we might find ourselves reflecting more on our internal existence than our external. Less sun, less warmth, more time inside our own minds. This is the operating mode & surrounding mood here right now in our Northern Hemisphere: contemplating existence.

Considering, it is no surprise that we find ourselves at ‘Hollow’, the new single by New York/ Poland based audial explorers, As Clouds Form. With a breath-in, breath-out tempo, this is an excellent meditation companion, as one finds themselves drifting further from reality, & deeper inward, toward the furthest reaches of our own microverse. Synths swell, pivot, & step forward with elegance & delicate splendor. Time, only relative, becomes lost in the gravitational pull, escaping beyond the known existence.

As Clouds Form is a favorite here at Give It A Spin! – do yourself the unquestionable favor of experiencing their broader catalog (of current past & future) here:

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