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Egopusher – Imitation

Egopusher – Imitation


The snow is falling here in the North, blanketing the world with its gentle placidity, whilst also accompanying its relative chaos. There is a cathartic peace for all who are able to join in on the momentary halt of laborious activity, as well as a different sort of cold meditation for those who trudge on arduously through the storms. Egopusher encapsulates these dynamics exquisitely via their most recent work, ‘Imitation‘.

A gentle layer of ambience builds the listener a base layer, as an atmospheric melodiousness coats the ground around. Slowly rising violins offer a tangible humanism to the broader aesthetic, transforming into an elegantly ornamented counterpoint, set to dance along the growing squall now enshrouding all involved. The end result is a cantabile & graceful soundscape that both focus on the moment & transports to far-off places. 

This is some compositionally heavy work, which takes the time to hit those pressure points, alleviating pain through its exactness & precision. Do yourself a favor & check out more Egopusher here:

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