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Last Planet – Straight Jacket

Last Planet – Straight Jacket

Last Planet is a US-based band with a love for organic music, influenced by the sounds of blues, rock, pop, funk, and grunge. Their song Straight Jacket is a great example of how well you can blend genres to your liking and create an explosive outcome.

Straight Jacket is one of these songs that make you turn your head, either it is because of the excellently performed guitar solo, the female vocals that surprise you at the second verse, or the awesome vocal line of the chorus is guaranteed you will listen.

I love how there are so many instruments in the song, yet the sound is so clean and easy to listen to. No mud in the mix, guitars complementing the vocals, and backing vocals stolen straight out of a soul choir.

I have to say, Last Planet’s ‘Straight Jacket’ won me over this, I’ll be waiting for more releases from them!

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