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Vulture Party – Iso Disco

Vulture Party – Iso Disco

Vulture Party

What I like about music is that when it’s good, it can make your mind wander to places you’ve never been. Being born in the 90s I haven’t experienced vibes from the past decades (which were full of experimentation, with new sounds and genres popping up all the time), but by listening to music, I can travel back, forth, or wherever the sound takes me.

Vulture Party’s ‘Iso Disco’ is one of these songs that makes you feel that way.
The 80s inspired drum machines, synths, and vocals all mix together to create an experience that takes you some decades back whilst maintaining the production that screams it’s 2022. I really vibed with the vocals and the hook and would suggest Vulture Party to fans of Human League, The Cure, etc. Can’t wait to hear more!

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