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Kapia – Sail Away

Kapia – Sail Away

Traverse the beautiful blue earth with the exciting sounds of Kapia, a Greek rock group hailing from the port city of Piraeus. Their most recently released LP, ‘Sail Away‘, is a world within worlds; an adventurous & appealing audial exploration, combining a broad range of organic elements, classical textures, as well as lyrical & melodic themes both complex & digestible. A real-life gouache painting of fantastical wanderlust.

Existing in a place somewhere between Bruce Springsteen & The E Street band, Wilco, & Dick Contino – plus the luminous Greek elements shining through, both defined & original – ‘Sail Away‘ maintains an atmosphere of contemplation, reflection, & prospection. With discernible themes of motion, movement, & the greater desire to expand belying all compositional elements, one finds themselves afloat on the high seas by means of sonic juxtaposition alone. Metaphors, both direct & indirect, propel the imagination, & transport the audience to a night-fallen, oceanic backdrop.

Featuring a refreshingly live production, each note rings clear & individualistically vivid, as if the listener were there in the room through the recording. Kapia is, without question, a band of truly talented performers, who do not fall back upon robotic crutches or the standardized digital tricks of the trade, & as such, the humanism effortlessly glows within each composition. Perhaps the most hypnotic & entrancing element is the accordion, which surrounds each song with an ethereal aura, pulling the listener into a world both dreamlike & tangible; of the moment, yet timeless.

Dive into ‘Sail Away‘ with an open mind, a fresh ear, & take the time to enjoy your journey. & While you’re at it, check out more of Kapia’s impressive back catalogue:

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