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Jon Davis x BoyPanda – Smoke And Fire

Jon Davis x BoyPanda – Smoke And Fire

Jon Davis -

Jon Davis is a UK R&B artist with an amazing timbre and songwriting that feels like could easily be the future of R&B music. Along with BoyPanda, he released the song Smoke And Fire at April 29th and literally everything lit up as I first pressed the play button.

Jon Davis has a really big and interesting music bio, started to sing at the age of 5 and is still cultivating his musicianship nonstop to this day. With 10+ releases only the last two years, I can say for sure, that Jon is moving steadily and surely towards success. His vocals are warm and rhythmical, and his music feels fresh and modern while maintaining a dose of past R&B music.

Smoke And Fire is really well produced, with big vocals, a really nice backbone of drums and bass, and Jon Davis’s vocals are stealing the show. The lyrics are also great. Overall it’s a song I could listen to on repeat for hours and still find it interesting.

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