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Marta Per – Nobody’s Friend

Marta Per – Nobody’s Friend

Marta Per

Marta Per is a London-based, Portuguese-born artist and multi-instrumentalist.

Marta is carrying a lot of experience on her back, being part of several bands in the past, she’s now packing all that into her own personal project. Drawing inspiration from pop, rock, jazz, and prog and her classical roots, she reintroduces herself with her new song Nobody’s Friend.

‘Nobody’s Friend’ is a really interesting and unique composition, with a prog-rock taste, some heavy riffs, and an awesome offbeat sound that makes you want to headbang but need to be focused on the time signature as well.

Marta’s voice is melodic and warm, with backing vocals surrounding her in the chorus and a piano stubbornly repeating the melody and creating a great atmosphere.

At the end of the song, there’s a big build-up that makes me say “damn I wish I could see Marta Per performing this live!”. The song has also really meaningful and reflective lyrics, making it a good listen to all kinds of different people who like different genres.

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