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CS Survival Kit – One in a Million

CS Survival Kit – One in a Million

CS Survival Kit

CS Survival Kit is a Maine-based collective of artists, creating heartfelt music, writing soulful lyrics, and making art, hoping to warm up a world that often gets far too cold.

CS stands for “Cold Soul” and a Cold Soul Survival Kit is sometimes what we need to make it through the day. In an ever-expanding universe, sometimes you stumble into something great and feel like it was “meant to be”. That’s how I felt when I first listened to “One in a million.” It’s a song that soothed my soul and brought me peace from within as I continued listening.

Douglas Elder, the founding member of CS Survival Kit, has an embracing voice, which combined with meaningful lyrics and a soft touch in the production, makes you want to listen again and again.

Other contributing members of the CS Survival Kit I should mention are Michael Jones, Joe Camp, Patrick Arnold, and Charle Ellingwood. Together, they create what art should be like, and I’m grateful to have stumbled upon this beautiful collective of people.

To hear the song and learn more about CS Survival Kit, follow the links below:


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