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Grim Anise – Flooding Eyes, Flooding Minds

Grim Anise – Flooding Eyes, Flooding Minds

Greek artist & producer Grim Anise, charts our ever-changing Autumn moods on his new single Flooding Eyes, Flooding minds from the instrumental upcoming EP. Capturing the effect of climate or humane apocalypse, during a lockdown or not, sanity gives way to hope and warmth. Moments of anxious beats in an after the drone era – synths and unwinds into detail for repeated listenings. From a stereo spectrum, romantic music arcs bring together distant souls. Not necessarily erotically, even as friends. There is a presence of contemplation, in this song, that we are not alone.

Find more floating ambiance here:

ps. Perhaps we share the same love for Post-Rock or Trip-Hop bands with Dimitris Grimanis. Awaiting to hear all the album, sooner.

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