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Sofia Touboura – The Pirate Boy

Sofia Touboura – The Pirate Boy



Founder of Sofia Touboura, is an Athens (GR) based contemporary audiovisual artist, experimental director, and electronic music producer.


Giveitaspin just lived part of a whole audiovisual experience with Sofia Touboura’s true story. “The Pirate Boy” won the Best Experimental Music Video at The Monkey Bread Tree Awards (an IMDb event) and you can watch it below.
The virtue of Sofia’s intellectual canvas is lushly detailed on a personal storyboard and each duotone of life (humor and trauma), never clash actively, though prevail through a musical perspective. We go through the electronic, the visual and the sonic experiences to make material live eternally to our expanding senses. Sofia is my Greek Holly Herndon pushing the boundaries even more with a personal statement I do love the most:
Instead of Cartesian dualism of spirit vs. matter, my work is dominated by a contemporary physics/ quantum mechanics approach, where matter and thought aren’t defined by their contradiction but are both of the same essence, equally energy (thought is a form of electromagnetic energy) and particles, depending on the moment and on the point of view.

In a game of contradictions and reconciliations, the composition is maintained in a state of a dynamic, tense equilibrium.There is a conscious concern to embody transformation and transubstantiation in the final visual result of each creative process (οr catharsis), rather than a sole exposure of personal experience and observation.


You can read Touboura’s CV and studies here

Catch her latest installation at Elika Gallery Athens

and just fall in love with her Space Odyssey Spell Makings on 


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