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coslee – t.f.o

coslee – t.f.o

Initially titled ‘The F* Out’, coslee’s new single ‘t.f.o’  is out on Fortune Cut Records, as a bonus track of his debut album ‘What Feelings Sound Like’. Like in every legendary hip hop song, there is a sample clearance story around t.f.o that is worth mentioning. The song was initially included in ‘What Feelings Sound Like’ but couldn’t be released due to a sample not being cleared. coslee was denied permission to use Ethan Hawke’s TED talk ‘Give yourself permission to be creative’ as a sample, and therefore t.f.o almost never came out. However, coslee insisted on recreating the actor’s speech by hiring a professional voice-over actor and finally decided to release the song as a bonus track.

A seductive and luscious half-tempo groove, accompanied by playful harmonies, lays the foundation for an exciting musical journey across jazz, experimental hip hop and nu-disco. coslee uses this tune as a vehicle to spread his message on creativity using both his lyrics and the notorious Ethan Hawke’s sample.

Thessaloniki & the world show some extra caring love to coslee! A dope clip!

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