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Brandon Birdwell – Take It All Back

Brandon Birdwell – Take It All Back

Brandon Birdwell is a singer-songwriter from Oklahoma. With a sound heavy on fuzz guitars, riffs that make you bang your head back and forth and hooks that keep you from skipping forward, Take It All Back is one of these songs that could easily be heard on so many different occasions. From being part of a movie soundtrack, rocking it out in a bar or most definitely watching Brandong Birdwell gig and rock this out, it suits all schemes.

Take It All Back is Brandon’s newest single. It tells the story of a world in which opinions and judgements are expressed with complete anonymity and no regard for the consequences. It delivers the feeling well to my ears with raw lyrics, emotional vocals, and angry guitars. The chorus, repeating the hook, feels like it got stuck in my brain and won’t leave no matter what.

While maintaining his own character and sound, Brandon Birdwell has blended in with other great artists and bands in the genre, and I feel like this hits the jackpot. Nowadays, it’s really hard to do something on the popular side while maintaining your own style, and Brandon has definitely managed that. Putting this song in a playlist full of -same genre songs- will be no problem, and Take It All Back will shine like a well-polished diamond.

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  • I whole heartedly agree! Brandon is incredibly talented and this song is wonderful evidence of his evolution as a singer/songwriter and of his unique style.

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