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Fire by Night – Menagerie

Fire by Night – Menagerie

Menagerie is 3 minutes and 20 seconds of pure headbanging material. With a modern and raw sound, coming from Phoenix, Arizona, Fire By Night is a project created by long-time friends Chris Cleland (Guitar and Vocals) and Kailee Vander Maten (Lead Vocals), in the summer of 2018. Along with Faith Powell and her heavy drumming they seek to help others feel heard, recognized and understood.

Their sound and style are heavily influenced by Crazy Eighty Eight, Lower than Atlantis and Biffy Clyro but their sound remains unique and can be easily identified in a sea of bands and artists. Both Kailee’s and Chris’ vocals are clean with no brutal or fry techniques used, something that’s not so usual in the genre, I really enjoyed that.

The song talks about feeling trapped in a corporate job, reduced to being a showpiece for the company while you’re struggling in an internal war, trying to create your identity in that position. Ultimately, the line “I am Menagerie” is a statement of acceptance that you may be just a number to the company, but neither the company nor you can silence the inner madness, and it gives that madness a name.

You just have to remember, that you are your own person, no one can take that from you.

Fire by Night has taken a really modern and common problem and made a huge banger from it, whilst maintaining a loving attitude toward all people struggling.

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