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Chris Goma – Can’t Fold

Chris Goma – Can’t Fold

Chris Goma

Chris Goma, aka Cristopher Ryangoma Tabaro, is a Canadian multitalented singer-songwriter, arranger, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist born in 1995, and currently based in Los Angeles. His story may have started with some dark tones, with his parents fleeing the Rwandan Genocide after he was born, but as it seems, it’s evolving to a bright future full of talent and music.

Goma’s first touch with music was through his father at the age of 7 but it wasn’t till he was twelve that he got to play his core instrument, the bass. All I can say is I’m glad Chris picked up a bass at that young of an age, you can hear the groove flowing through him in his track “Can’t Fold“.

The song has a strong backbone and the vocals are really groovy and well placed. The production is where it should be, modern sound yet with some funk elements, vocals well placed, and generally well-thought elements left and right.

I really enjoyed the track and think that Chris Goma has a bright path ahead of him.


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