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Cloud Opacity – Souvenir

Cloud Opacity – Souvenir

Cloud Opacity

There’s a thin line between what’s remembered & what’s lost. The ephemera of yesterday & tomorrow perhaps define the difference between momentousness & eternity. Where do we fall on this scheme of humanity’s broader mnemonic scope? In the fashion of an antiquarian from the future, Cloud Opacity lay definition on their newest piece, ‘Souvenir‘.

Raindrop pianoforte cascades fall down from clouds as plucked/ bowed instruments thunder & lightning across the heavens. The composition is your relative umbrella; when you experience this storm first hand, from the comfort of a jacket & dry place, the rush about you lays no consequence to the orbit of your mind. A moment of serenity strikes – this is one of the keepsakes for your memory banks. Place it in the vault with the rest, to save for a rainier day; such is the place for our more beautiful occasions.

Cloud Opacity is creating some vibrant & unique compositions; delve deeper here:

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