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Listen to Greek Novamachine’s debut single featuring Alex Anter

Listen to Greek Novamachine’s debut single featuring Alex Anter

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Novamachine just turned the sound engine on. Mysterious musician Steve Bugle is behind the act and just released an eponymous debut single with German fellow musician Alex Anter.



With noise traveling at the speed of digital communications to our ears, the video takes a HI-tech approach. Everything surrounding us from bits to bytes comes together. Primitive electronic waves with great affection to electro-pop experiments, new wave tabs and disco shifts, the “Novamachine” is bound to relay in your system. The intentions are to dance sketching out a whole new approach to the scene running in the country. The Greek electronic underground has a loud voice! If the “robotic” tone in your head doesn’t tempt you to move around and think a little, then try reprogramming the android. A fresh electronic adventure is making a creative statement of our times and we want to hear more of this code!


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