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Dreamwaves | Tape03

Dreamwaves | Tape03



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The Dreamwaves Tape, Episode 3 is a roadtrip into the genres of electronic, ambient, future beat, frustrated techno, leftfield, jazz and experimental ++ more

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Track by track
Carlos Cipa & Occupanther – Trow

Thunder is pondering on the soil of my whereabouts, as I’m tapping the letters on my keyboard for this DreamTape escape. Carlos Cipa & Occupanther amazingly fit in with natures’ thrust and sentimentalism for the first track. A musical hand to reach out and dream upon when all around are gray or colorful. Carlos Cipa (Denovali Rec.) a pianist and composer from Germany teams up with electronic producer Occupanther, creating a collaborative EP “Trow“. It’s a symbiosis of electronic and acoustic sounds that dive into my memory bank today, making me think of a brighter future. Cinematic, thoughtful and caressing.


IUNA NIVA – Primordial Clave

The journey continues with London-based IUNA NIVA aka Neva Leoncini and Fedor Shtern – “A bracelet of bright hair about the bone”. Dark Ping-Ponging vibes, a leftfield landscape oscillating between frustrated techno and dawning ambience. The whole EP Primeval Guilt featuring Primordial Clave, stands for an immolation offered to the spectral freedom of nature, in the hope of observing its apparition, once more, as stated on bandcamp page via outstanding DIY Noorden Collective.Let’s get lost in the rhythmic concoctions of the powerful electronics. A_extrabadass_+ for me. Next stop is to buy the limited cassette with a 16pp. booklet! Breathtaking and Motion Magical frequencies.



Bad Math – Night Textures

This is the debut single off Sydney-based Bad Math’s new self-entitled EP mastered by Oliver Dibley. Bad Math is also an audio/visual side project by Hip Hop artist who would like to remain anonymous for the integrity of the project making. Expect the fluidity of Soul and Jazz, dusty samples and percussive grooves to blend with the roots of his style of production. Beautiful music coordinates as the sun drops down on us to fade the night away. However fly high even in the morning textures on this.


Jones.Keusch/hooftet – Pivot

Get ready to ride a future ECM_ish saddle. Pivot is first track off Jazzwerk EP featuring Sam Gendel from INGA on saxophone and Vikram Devasthali on vocals. Jones.Keusch/hooftet is the first-fully composed project from Sam jones (also of DYAN and film-scoring duo Alexis & Sam) and W Keusch (of Hoofwerk and Tired Device), who have been working together in improvisational ambient settings for the past 10 years. Merging techniques and technologies, you will hear some hip hop vibes bounce off the walls, trombones and electric piano tingling. It’s soaring hi-tech-end improvisation.

Contrails – Vanishing Point

With Contrails, music speaks louder than words. The track is stated as a meditation on the difficulty of human communication and how it affects our most intimate relationships. If you love Talk Talk or Brian Eno then this shouts out for your inner cravings. Alan Maguire and John McCullagh have their guitars and loopers and are always ready to drone for your pleasings. At 3:14 it just speaks to me. Remember how we used to replay 2 seconds off a track just because it hit us in a soft spot. If you have ever listened to “Drawn from Life” it surely makes you shiver. Vanishing point is less plugged into a beat structure, however, some piano strings and other musical flings are didactic feelings that you’ve forgotten aside your travels. Prepare to become one with the world and vanish your ego.

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