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Giant Waste of Man – Millennial Ghost

Giant Waste of Man – Millennial Ghost

The LA-based Giant Waste of Man (GWoS) are rock veterans connecting the music dots in the midst of zombie chaos. Their new track “Millennial Ghost” has a sense of something fleeting, boiled up with confessional songwriting and exuberant melancholic ecstasy. Although this track dissects time in a minute deal; all it want’s is us to f* bring it together. A hauntingly minimalistic approach of GWoS in rich harmonies, airy vocals, quality staggering chords & a beautiful sax tone offering the listener a ride on a low rolling cloud. And while the new BIOGRAPHER album is August news, GWoS’ compelling music storytelling is an instant emotional reaction that something is up for the wrong way. Let’s change the dynamics & fight for some inner peace and justice. Music has always been a great guide to listen to the souls of the world.

As Heather Heywood from the band shared: “The song touches on how valuable and fleeting our time is and how important it is to be conscious of who/what we’re giving it to. Everything is changing, but our lives also feel like we’re in a syndicated rerun. So many of the social issues we’re facing in this country are the same ones we’ve been facing our entire lives. Vocally it’s one of my favorite songs. I feel like the sentiment is palpable.”

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