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Kramies – Hotel in LA

Kramies – Hotel in LA


Kramies is a US-based singer/songwriter with lots of experience and music on his back. Having already released the critically acclaimed EP “The Wooden Heart” as well as “Of All The Places Been & Everything The End” produced by Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), Todd Tobias (Guided by Voices), Jerry Becker (Train), Kramies has worked and performed with artists like Calexico, Spiritualized and many others.

In one of his latest efforts in 2021, Kramies teamed up with Patrick Carney (The Black Keys) to produce “Days of,” which reached the Top 10 as a radio single. 2022 found Kramies with two songs hitting the TOP 10 on college radio. Currently, Kramies is working on his highly anticipated LP, to be released in September 2022.

Hotel in LA, originally named “Sh*tty Hotel in LA” is one of Kramies’ fond memories, made with a person the artist used to care about and led to create this beautiful track. It’s actually one of the most beautiful stories I’ve read, and as I write this down, I feel moved. Maybe the song playing in the background is also messing with my head, but I definitely got the feels.

A little backstory about how the song was conceived. Having a travelling lifestyle, Kramies kept lots of memorabilia, photos and letters from his travels in the past.
One of these was a letter that a significant other wrote to him. In this letter, there was a paragraph where they joked about how they had to make a hotel that was falling apart in California into something lovely. To do that, they hung photos over the cracked walls, eventually filling them with more than a thousand frames. Imagine having a memory like this and reading about it a few years later. It hits hard but has a soft touch to it. As the artist mentions, the letter and lyrics came to him when he was at the height of his drug addiction before coming clean.

I don’t know if the drugs helped create this beautiful piece of art or if it’s just Kramies’ talent, but all I can say is I can listen to this non-stop. Knowing the back story, I paint pictures with my mind, trying to picture the sh*tty hotel, filled with all kinds of different frames and photos.

The song has a unique vibe and moves you even without reading all of the above.
I’m looking forward to Kramies’ new LP and hope you are too.

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